Dr. Elisse Blinder, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychology and Divorce Mediation

Do you want to avoid the acrimony that so often accompanies divorce?
Make peace, not war, when you divorce.
Sometimes people make mistakes in their important life choices. Liberation from these choices is an essential process. Divorce Mediation takes children's needs into consideration and can lessen the financial and emotional costs of marriage dissolution.
Dr. Elisse Blinder
is a Clinical Psychologist who devotes a portion of her practice to
Divorce Mediation
Through mediation, couples end their marriage with both emotional and financial costs significantly contained and the well-being of their children preserved. The goal of mediation is to help couples who are ending their marriage reach a fair financial and property settlement in a peaceful and harmonious way, and where applicable, create a co-parenting plan that is in the best interest of their child(ren). Through cooperation with a neutral attorney, all necessary court documents can also be properly prepared and readied for filing.
Dr. Blinder is located in Pasadena. She is a psychologist who devotes part of her practice to divorce mediation, child custody agreements, and parenting plans. She has a general psychotherapy practice, treating a wide variety of concerns, including relationship difficulties, anxiety and depression. She can be consulted regarding regulating newborn babies and parenting concerns about children of all ages. She treats children, adolescents, young adults and adults. She sees individuals and couples, as well as families with children in her practice.

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