Dr. Elisse Blinder, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychology and Divorce Mediation

The Wisdom of Divorce Mediation
Preserving as much harmony as possible is always an important human concern. It is even more important when a couple needs to remain in contact because they have children to raise together.
Dr. Elisse Blinder is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice since 1985.  In addition to her traditional general psychology practice, Elisse Blinder chooses to mediate divorce because she is committed to the process of marriage dissolution being as peaceful as possible. She is deeply committed to the best interests of children. She can help you create a custody arrangement and parenting plan that puts your child(ren) first. She can help you develop a plan that evolves and fosters your child(ren)'s growth and development and help you make fair decisions regarding the division of your property.

Peaceful Dissolutions Mediation Services

• Mediation of property and asset division

• Mediation of parenting plans

• Mediation of custody

• Preparation of legal documents through cooperation with a neutral attorney

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